Things of Interest

3 days ago by Jane Doe

This page is devoted just to things of interest and having fun. Our handfed babies grow and are socialized in our home amongst cats, dogs, other birds, vacuum sweepers and sometimes, just general chaos. Please understand that our dog and cats were raised from a puppy and as kittens with our birds. They have been trained to cohabitate together. Animals can learn to live together, as casino en ligne but do not expect this of your animals when you bring home your new bird. It requires time, patience and constant supervision to make this happen.

For those who have never experienced the birth of a chick, perhaps a little background on how God and Mother Nature orchestrate this phenomenon. When a fertile chick is developing, it occupies approximately two-thirds of the egg. As the time for hatching begins, the chick draws down and forms an air pocket in the egg, now the egg is half chick and half air pocket. The baby chick has developed a large muscle on the back of his neck and as it begins to breath from the air pocket, the carbon dioxide exhaled causes an involuntary spasm in the neck muscle which, in turn, throws his "pipping tooth" (a small triangular projection on the tip of his beak) against the inside of the egg shell. This regular tapping on the inside of the egg shell can be heard by just holding the egg to your ear. Next comes the "pip," the first little break in the egg, then the tapping is combined with chirping as he works his way around the egg. Within 24 to 48 hours the chick will have completed the process and new life is born.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee the health of our birds and stand behind them 100%. We encourage all new bird owners to have their companion bird checked out by their avian veterinarian within the first two weeks. We do not cover the expense of well baby checkups, but should any treatment be necessary, we will reimburse any medications prescribed. There can sometimes be minor bacteria present in a baby bird and should this be discovered, just send us the bill and we will send you a check. We do not participate in bird marts, bird shows and certainly not swap meets, so our birds are never exposed to possible carriers of disease or bacterial infections. In the unlikely event that something serious were discovered in one of our babies, we would most definitely want you to return the bird for a full refund or a replacement bird. HEALTHY, happy, socialized babies are The Beak's number one priority and we stand behind that commitment to them and to you, just like playing casino francais en ligne and winning money.

We ship anywhere in the Continental United States provided that the recipient is within driving distance of an airport servicing the major airlines. Shipping is at the purchaser’s expense and shipping will be arranged immediately following receipt of payment in full for bird and shipping. We make all the inquiries and provide all the necessary information. We use only the major airlines and the cost of shipping normally runs approximately $100 depending on the carrier. There is a $25.00 crating charge which includes a new carrier for your future use. Our birds are shipped in airline approved, bird safe shipping containers and are always provided comfort and plenty of fresh fruit that provides moisture and food for the trip. Birds travel well and experience very little, if any, stress from being transported. We are very conscious of weather and will never ship birds if it will be too hot or too cold during any portion of their travel. We do not ship unweaned birds.